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Daring Desserts: Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake

While many people want the large wedding cake covered in elaborate frosting and topped with a bride and groom figurine, you won’t find this traditional dessert at every wedding reception. In fact, more and more people are starting to go …
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5 Tips for Creating your Seating Chart

One of the most difficult parts of planning your wedding is putting together the seating chart. Many of today’s weddings are much more relaxed than traditional ceremonies and receptions; so many couples simply skip this task and leave where to …
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Popcorn Goes Gourmet: How to Add a Popcorn Bar to your Event

One of the newest trends at events is a popcorn bar. You may already be imagining a large glass popcorn popper like you see at the movie theaters, but this isn’t just popcorn covered in runny liquid butter. It’s gourmet …
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All About Hors d’oeuvres: The Where, Why, and How Much

If you’re planning an event like a wedding, a formal dinner for a conference or awards ceremony, or a speaking event with a meal, your mind is probably full of main courses, sides, desserts, and salads. But don’t forget the …
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True barbeque as practiced in the American South has 4
main ingredients- quality meats, low temperatures, wood
burning for flavor enhancement, and lots and lots of
patience, which is exactly what we do here at Rudy’s
All Glory be to God!