Throwing a Gold-Worthy Summer Olympics Party

Right now, you have an opportunity you only get every four years: the chance to throw an amazing Summer Olympics party!

As the best athletes from around the world gather in competition, you can gather your best friends from your area in celebration. But when you’re celebrating the Olympics, you can’t settle for a mediocre party.

You have to go for gold!

Here are some great ideas that can help you rise to the top.

Pairing it with Right Events

The party doesn’t have to revolve entirely around the games (this isn’t a Super Bowl Party), but there should be some competitions to watch. And they shouldn’t be just any competitions.

Let’s be honest, some of the sports on display are more popular than others. You should pick something active and showy like gymnastics, volleyball, or swimming. Deep down, gymnastics is secretly everyone’s favorite.

You can probably skip around events like rowing or weightlifting. No offense to the people who do them. They’re just not very party friendly.

Country/Ethnic Themes

As much as we all love to cheer on team USA, it’s good to remember this is a global event. There’s a lot of great ways you can emphasize this:

  • Cupcakes with different country flags in them
  • Food stations representing other parts of the world
  • Beers from different countries, labeled accordingly

You could even go as far as designating each guest as different countries. When they arrive, they can draw a name out of a hat, and then wear a sign or sticker with that country’s name. This could also enhance the Olympic competitions if you’re all watching them together as each person cheers for their country.

Medals, Torches, and Rings

The Olympics have some great symbols associated with them. For the medals, you can use chocolates, cookies, or candies on strings. For torches, ice-cream cones or snow cones work great since it’s summer. Additionally, we’ve seen more creative inventions such as Cheetos in ice cream cones.

As for the rings, you could great crafty and fashion some décor, or you could make those edible too.

Award Podium Photo Booth

With a winner’s circle-style photo booth, you’re sure to capture some great pics. Setup a traditional three-tiered podium, gather some patriotic props, and lay out some medals, and you’re all set.

Perfect for Home or Office

One of the best parts about the Olympic party theme is that it works great as a personal party or a work party. If you’re looking for some gold-worthy catering, we’d proudly carry that torch for you. Whether it’s a home party or corporate event catering, we have you covered.

Contact us today.

And go team USA!

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