Getting People to Come to Your Event

Planning an event isn’t easy. Even for those who enjoy it, there’s a lot of work to be done. You need to figure out a time and place, coordinate decorations, plan entertainment, calculate and order food/drink, send out invites, and more.

But as much work as that is, there’s a piece of event hosting that often proves to be even more difficult:

Getting people to actually show up.

But Can I Control That?

That’s the first question people ask. After all, you can’t control other people’s action. How can you be responsible for whether or not they come to your event?

While you can’t make their decision for them, you can influence their decision. Here’s how:

Personally Invite Them

Mass event invites are commonplace, especially in the digital times we currently live in. While this makes it easy to invite people, it also turns it into a very impersonal affair. Many people are turned off by this, unsure if they’re really wanted at the event, or they just happened to be on the list of invites.

To make sure specific people are at your event, it’s best to interact with them directly. Face to face is best, but a phone call, text, or even Facebook message can often do the trick. Let them know that you want them specifically at your event.

Now, depending on the size of your party, you might not be able to do this with everyone. In that case, target the big influencers and encourage them to follow up with people around them.

Picking the Right Time

Choosing the right time is critical when it comes to getting people to your party. You want to maximize convenience for as many people as possible. Choose carefully. Check with others before setting a time if you have to.

Invite More Than You Can Hold

This might sound dangerous, but we don’t think we’ve ever heard of an event that had 100% attendance. Many won’t even hit 70%. When inviting (unless it’s very restricted space or a wedding), be generous with the number of invites you send out.

If you’re having people RSVP, you can create a secondary list of invites you can send out after you reach a certain number of declines.

Incentives and Free Stuff

When in doubt, give free stuff out. That’s our motto. Some people will go to events out of the goodness of their hearts. Others will go to meet new people.

Almost everyone will go for free things.

It could be door prizes, drawings, gift bags, or simply free food and drinks. Whatever it is, advertise it. Make sure the people now. After all, some free food and drink can go a long way in winning people over.

If you really want to impress, use a professional caterer. Corporate event catering just might be the one thing you need to ensure a successful party. Plan accordingly.

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