Throwing an Anniversary Party

For the first years of marriage, anniversaries tend to be a more intimate celebration between spouses. You go out to a nice restaurant. Maybe you attend a show or book a hotel. It’s a moment for affection and reflection.

But as you reach certain milestones, it’s common for husbands and wives to share their celebration with loved ones. The truth is, there’s no set recipe or formula for an anniversary party. That’s why we decided to put together some ideas and general advice.

The Wedding Do-Over

For some couples, their wedding was a magical event that flowed perfectly and will be remembered as one of the greatest days of their lives. For others, it was a stress inducing performance where nothing went right, and everyone just kind of smiled their way through it.

If your wedding felt like a disaster, then you might consider the wedding do-over for your anniversary. Think of it like a wedding without the stress or need for perfection. You can relax and enjoy yourself.

Down the road, you may even consider doing a vow renewal ceremony. This is a way to let people know you’re just as in love as you were the day you were married.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Celebrated on the Actual Date

This is probably obvious, but don’t stress over celebrating it on the actual date of the anniversary. Instead, focus on picking a date that everyone can make it too.

Throw it Back (a Little)

As time passes, fads change, and what was once really cool or stylish becomes very dated. It’s always fun to incorporate some elements from the year where the couple was married. That’s not to say everyone has to dress in 90’s fashion or anything.

But bringing up some old music is a nice touch.

Track Down Old Pictures

Another way to reflect on the years gone by is with pictures. Do some digging and find some good ones. Whereas photo slideshows at weddings often feature a lot of pre-dating pictures, for the anniversary, you can focus specifically on photos of the couple throughout the years.

Go Big

If you’ve reached a significant milestone in your marriage, then that’s an achievement worth celebrating. Rent a space out. Create actual invites. Have people dress up. Hire a high end caterer.

And most importantly, have some fun. It’s not a celebration if you don’t enjoy yourself. Cheers to your marriage!

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