Rain on Your Wedding Day – What Does it Mean?

Despite what Alanis told us, rain on your wedding day is not ironic. Unless, of course, you specifically picked a day that’s statistically known for having no rain.

But let’s not get caught up on grammar.

Rain on your wedding day is a bad omen, right? Or is it good luck? Depending on who you ask, you might get an entirely different answer. Personally, we’re not big on the superstition (except maybe when it comes to BBQ preparation).

But we still think there’s something to be learned from wedding day rain.

Something is Going to Go Wrong on Your Wedding Day

No one like’s to admit it, but something (or many things) will not happen perfectly on the big day. A song might misfire. A guest that didn’t RSVP will show up. The minister will pronounce a name incorrectly. The wedding dress will get lost on the way to the ceremony.

Seriously, we’ve seen it happen.

In the grand scheme of things that can go wrong, a little rain isn’t so bad. Assuming you have an indoor option as a backup plan, which you should. Ultimately, the rain is only as bad as you make it to be.

And that’s true for many of the problems that will arise during your marriage.

Just Like Your Wedding Day, Your Marriage Won’t be Perfect

Sooner or later, a conflict will happen in your marriage. Because people aren’t perfect. Someone will mess up or forget something or say the wrong thing, and there will be a problem. And it won’t be fun. Sometimes, it might be really difficult.

But just like rain on a wedding day, you can get through it. Because you love each other.

So Don’t Let Rain Get You Down

If it does end up raining on your wedding day, so be it. Your plans may have to change, but your marriage remains the same. Maybe you’ll even be stronger because of it.

You Can’t Control the Weather. You Can Control the Food.

One way to ensure a successful wedding is with great food. For delicious, affordable catering, contact us at Rudy’s. Rain or shine, we’ll be ready.

True barbeque as practiced in the American South has 4
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All Glory be to God!