Easy Ways to Save on Wedding Costs

Weddings are a lot of things.

Romantic. Beautiful. Wonderful. Magical. Ceremonious. Memorable.

And expensive.

Left unchecked, the cost of a wedding can escalate faster than gasoline prices during an oil shortage. For those who don’t have family fronting the bill or simply want to be responsible with the money they spend, there are a lot of subtle and painless ways to save yourself some serious cash.

Here are a few:

Choose a Friday or Sunday

Making a weekday work for a wedding is very difficult, which is why almost all of them fall on weekends. Saturday is the most popular choice because it’s the most convenient for the most people.

That means Saturday’s are also the most expensive day to book a venue. You’re not just competing against weddings, but all sorts of other events that land on Saturdays.

To save on venue cost, it’s usually cheaper to go with a Friday night or Sunday wedding. It might not be ideal for everyone, but the savings can certainly be worth it.

Get Married Faster (or Possibly Slower)

Those who find themselves in the traditional 6-11 month engagement might spend more on a wedding. You have enough time to get picky and particular, but not enough time to take advantage of seasonal savings and openings in schedules.

Those who have shorter engagement periods focus on the essentials, taking what they can get in the time they have. This results in less money spent overall.

Alternatively, those who have a longer engagement can take advantage of off season sales and they have the ability to shop around more.

Choose a Venue That Gives Freedom

The venue is key in any wedding. But many lovely venues trap couples into using their own vendors, and their vendors are never the cheapest or most flexible. If you’re trying to be budget friendly (or maybe you just like to have more options), choose a venue that allows you to select your own vendors.

Make Your Own Invites and Programs with Templates

Thanks to online design tools and libraries of affordable templates, brides and grooms can make their own invites, programs, etc. and have them turn out great. This not only saves money, but it saves you from the hassle of finding a designer.

If you really want to trim cost, you could consider using digital invites. This option isn’t for everyone, but it’s growing in popularity.

Use Artificial Flowers

You’d be surprised at how “real” fake flowers can appear these days. They can even be made to smell like the actual flower. Yet they cost a fraction of the price. Also, you can purchase them earlier and save them for later since they don’t wither and die.

Another option is to us a combination of real and artificial flowers.

Don’t Hire a DJ

In a time before music streaming, wedding DJs were needed mostly for their library of music. While there are certainly some DJs that do a better job at creating a fun atmosphere and keeping the momentum going, others simply stand behind their station and click the play button.

If you already know the music you want played at your wedding and you have someone willing to man the station, just rent some speakers (your venue might already have some) and save yourself the money of getting an actual DJ.

Define the Areas You Won’t Compromise

If you’re trying to figure out a cost-effective wedding plan, try listing the wedding items that are most important to you. These are the areas where you want to invest your budget. After that, you’ll have a better perspective on your wedding as a whole, and you may find yourself more willing to compromise on other aspects.

Personally, we’d suggest not compromising too much on food. Bad food will bring down any reception.

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