Choosing a Wedding Reception MC

There is one very noticeable part of a wedding reception that is tragically overlooked. The MC.

The MC (or master of ceremonies) is essentially the announcer for the post-ceremony activities. Everyone will see and hear and them, and it is for that reason that you should put some actual thought into choosing one.

Can’t I Just Use the Wedding DJ?

If you have a wedding DJ, there’s a good chance they offer the option of MC-ing the reception. However, this sometimes costs extra. And more importantly, they’re rarely the best suited person for the job. You don’t know them, they don’t know you, and it’s likely they’re not great at public speaking.

Can you actually think of a time you saw a wedding DJ do a great job of MC-ing a wedding?

We don’t mean any offense to wedding DJs. There are certainly exceptions, but in most people’s case, whether you have a DJ or not, you should consider looking elsewhere for the MC.

What to Look for in a Wedding MC

You should choose someone you or your spouse knows is good behind a mic. This is not to be confused with a person who is funny at parties and gatherings. Standing in front of everyone with your voice amplified is much different than cracking jokes or acting goofy around friends.

It’s a presentation.

This person should also know one of you. It gives them some history to draw from and will ultimately make them seem like they belong.

The tricky part is, this person probably shouldn’t be in the wedding party already (unless they’re an usher). Since the wedding party is usually involved in the initial entrance to the reception and will be at the head table, it works best to find a separate attendee.

Emphasize Speaking Skills Over Connection

This person will be controlling the momentum of the wedding and the attitude of your guests. Receptions can feel a little spacy and drawn out. A bad MC is painful and awkward for everyone. On the other hand, a skilled MC can turn the reception into a laid back, fun time that all will enjoy.

Once you’ve decided on a person who can do that…

Give Them Guidance

An MC works best when they know what’s expected of them. If you want them to tell some jokes or share a story, give them a heads up. If they’re strictly introducing different parts of the reception, give them a list to follow.

Also, if there is anything they definitely should not say or do, make sure to let them know up front.

Let Them Have Some Fun

If they’re a funny or entertaining person, give them a little freedom. Your reception will be better because of it. Once you’ve established a little structure and set any necessary rules, they should be able to handle the rest from there.

While we can’t provide you with MC services ourselves, we can provide you with some great catering for all events. Contact us today!

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