Why Do We Serve Appetizers?

Everyone loves a good appetizer. They’re simple and tasty. They hold you over till the main course or they provide just what you want when you’re not wanting a full meal.

But have you ever wondered why they’re actually served?

It’s a little strange when you think about it. You’re served a little bit of food before you’re served your actual food. Wouldn’t it be simpler and faster to just serve it all at once? To properly understand why appetizers are around, we need to go back a few thousand years.

A Brief History of Appetizers and Hors D’ouvre

The word appetizer stems from the idea of stimulating the appetite. The French word hors d’ouvre translates to “outside the work”, meaning it’s not a part of the true meal.

In ancient times, Greeks and Romans would snack on small amounts of fish, vegetables, cheese and olives while they waited for the main courses to be served.

A more defined version of appetizers appeared in French culture during the middle ages. Small plates of food were served in between main dishes. These dishes were often decorative and sometimes were accompanied with dramatic or musical presentations.

As serving styles changed, these hors d’ouvres shifted to the front end of the meal, being served while the main dish was being finalized. This practice made its way into England (along with a number of other culinary practices) which in turn came over to America.

Today, people from all over enjoy appetizers.

Practical Benefits of Appetizers

Appetizers aren’t just around for tradition’s sake. There are a number of benefits to serving appetizers. Appetizers take less time to prepare, allowing you to get food in front of your guests faster while providing additional time to finalize the main course.

Appetizers can be much cheaper than main courses. If guests fill up on those, they won’t need as much food for the main meal, which could ultimately save money.

They work perfect for mingling times as well. While a main dish requires people to sit and eat, appetizers can easily be held and carried around while people socialize.

And lastly, people simply like appetizers. They taste good. Because of their small size, everyone can try a variety of items too.

At Rudy’s, we offer a great selection of appetizers and main courses for all of your catering needs. If you need catering in or around Dayton, Ohio, contact us today!

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