Writing a Best Man/Maid of Honor Speech

Best man and maid of honor speeches are great in theory. The best friends of the bride and groom get up and tell a funny/heart-warming story, followed by a beautiful statement of how much they appreciate them as people. 

But in real life, they can get pretty awkward. The speakers aren’t prepared, or they cross boundaries, or they simply aren’t good at speaking in front of people.  

Maybe you’re reading this, and you fall into the latter category. That’s okay! You don’t have to be a professional writer or a Shakespearean actor to give a quality best man or maid of honor speech. You just have to utilize some strategy. 

We’ve put together some tips that, if followed, can help virtually anyone deliver a quality speech to the bride, the groom, and their attendees. 

Tell an Actual Story 

Bad wedding speeches tend to use a lot of words but say very little. If you want to reflect on the memories you’ve shared with the bride or groom, make sure you actually tell a story of a memory or two. 

Don’t say something like “I remember all of the adventures we had” or “Man, we used to do so many crazy things”. 

Share an adventure. Tell about a crazy thing or two. 

Most of the people in the crowd probably don’t know you. They don’t know the experiences you’ve had with newlyweds. So tell a specific tale. Make sure it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Tell it as if no one knows the story you are telling. 

Know Your Strengths 

Everyone has various strengths and weaknesses. This is a time to be very aware of yours. If you’re not considered a funny person, don’t try to tell a bunch of jokes. Stick to something sentimental instead.  

Be mindful. 

Beginning, Middle, and End 

Just like your stories should have a beginning, middle, and end, so should your speech itself.  Actually segment it while you write it. Start off with a simple joke or introduction. Then in the middle, tell your story. 

Finally, at the end, share some encouraging words. 

It doesn’t have to follow that exact format, but it should have a structure. That way, you won’t get lost or get carried away in unrelated tangents.  

Remember the Audience 

Your best man or maid of honor speech may be about the bride or groom, but it’s for everyone at the wedding. Be careful with inside jokes and vague references that people won’t get. You should want everyone to enjoy your speech. 

It’s no fun to sit through someone’s speech where you don’t understand a single thing they’re talking about. 

Be Respectful….but Not too Respectful 

There is a certain line that shouldn’t be crossed during speeches. What that line is depends largely on the bride and groom, as well as the type of audience at the wedding. You should always be respectful to the couple, as well as their guests. 

Don’t be crass. Don’t share private information. Don’t humiliate them. 

That said, don’t be so pristine and polite that you don’t have any fun. You can make a joke or tell an embarrassing joke. Just make sure to tread lightly. 

Have Some Fun 

If you are a best man or maid of honor, these speeches are not something that should be ruining your life. Don’t get overly stressed. Don’t take it too seriously. Relax. Have fun. If your speech is mediocre, it won’t ruin the wedding reception. 

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