Tips for Corporate Holiday Parties

With Halloween passing and Thanksgiving coming up fast, we are officially entering the holiday party season. It may feel like you have plenty of time to get your office/company/organization’s Christmas or holiday party together, but the weeks are slipping by. 

It’s best to start planning sooner rather than later. So, here a few party planning tips to help you on your way. 

Stay In 

It’s not always easy to get people to show up to holiday parties, especially when you’re dealing with a larger group. Trying to go out somewhere can be a hassle for employees, more work for you, and a bigger cost for your company. 

Staying in, whether it’s at the office, a home, or a conveniently located event space can make things much easier to manage. It also gives you more control over the environment and what you do there. 

Remember That Not Everyone Drinks 

One of the easiest ways to get people to show up to your party is the promise of free drinks. That’s why some companies can get a little carried away with the drinking side of things. If you’re organizing an event for people who like to have some social beverages, it’s important to remember that not everyone drinks. 

Planning an event where drinking is at the forefront can make some employees and significant others feel uncomfortable. Especially if they’ve had problems with drinking in the past. Also, it’s not good for coworkers to be drinking too much around each other in general. 

The key is moderation. 

Get People Interacting 

Uncomfortable silence and forced conversation is not the way to have a party. You want people to have fun and be interacting with each other. Sometimes, that takes a little effort on your end to get the ball rolling. Have some games or activities planned. 

If there are tables setup, put out some conversation starting pieces. Keep a schedule, at least for the beginning of the party, to keep momentum. Eventually, the party should be able to steer itself. 

Create an Atmosphere 

If you’re having the party in a private space or your office, a nice atmosphere does a lot to setting the mood. Put up decorations, soft lighting, and some great background music. If decorating isn’t really your thing, find someone who excels at it, and follow their advice. 

Co-Host a Party 

If your group is a little small or you work closely with another company, you could combine your holiday parties into one. That lifts some of the responsibility off your shoulders, gives you a bigger budget to work with, and leaves more opportunities for social interaction. 

Waiting Until the New Year 

December (and even November) tend to be filled with parties. Possibly too many parties (if there’s such a thing). Meanwhile, January can get a bit boring and uneventful. That’s why some companies choose to hold off on their holiday party until the new year starts. 

If you’re struggling to find a time that works for people, or your company schedule is too full the next few weeks, consider a January party. 

Whatever Time of Year, Rudy’s is Here 

All great parties have great food. That’s why companies around the Miami Valley choose Rudy’s to cater their holiday parties, luncheons, events, and more. Whether you’re planning on catering BBQ or offering something a bit more formal, we have a great selection of options to choose from. 

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