Lessons from Corporate Events from a Catering Company

Corporate events often get a bad wrap. Depending on your company they’re often viewed as something that has to happen rather than something people want to go to, but they shouldn’t be. They’re critical times for your company to come together to share information across departments or cast vision for the future. Here are a few suggestions to change the perception of your next corporate event.

Start with Team Wins

For employees attending a corporate event, they often start with whoever leading the meeting starting with what they need and what has to happen. This is sometimes the wrong direction to start at because people always need to be reminded why they got into the business in the first place. In the events we’ve catered, the best meetings always start with wins from the team. It helps everyone get excited about what’s happening across departments to hear of the great things that are happening.

Lay Out an Agenda for the Event

Despite almost every leadership book, summit, conference talking about how to have meetings we still see it all the time. Whoever is leading the event just starts talking without getting everyone on the same page and telling them what they’re going to tell them. This context for the meeting agenda is invaluable for the people at the event. If you’re the organizer of the event, it will also help you have a roadmap for where you want to take people.

Cater the Event

We’ve done the (very unofficial) study, and 10 out of 10 people love free food. It automatically brings spirits up, and it lets people know there is either an end or middle insight depending on when the food comes out. If you’re looking for corporate event catering, we’ve been to enough events to help you along the way. Let us focus on the food while you focus on your business and the future. Let’s have a great event.

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