Your Catering Options

Not all events are created equal. Which means not all catering packages should be created equal either. You don’t need the same amount of food, set up, and staff for a business lunch as you would for a wedding.

It’s important when looking to hire a caterer that you find a catering company with different options. Prices should vary appropriately with the level of service you select. That way your caterer not only fits your service needs but your budget as well.

Rudy’s Smokehouse is a catering company that offers all of the following services, allowing you to find a package that perfectly fits your event.

Pick-up or Delivery

If you have a smaller gathering this could be a great option for you. Maybe you don’t feel you would need help to serve or set up the food, but you want the convenience of not having to cook and prepare the meal.

Our pick up or delivery service gives you a delicious meal for your guests right at your door or stop by and pick up your order in store.

Partial set up or Service

If you would like a little help getting your food set up just right, we would love to come in and help you prepare. This takes away the stress of having to get everything looking perfect and making sure everything is in place to stay fresh and warm!

We can even stick around for most of your event to keep things looking presentable and ensure your guests are pleased. Your guests will be able to serve themselves which allows for a little more flexibility and let’s them choose what they would like to eat!

Full service buffet

A full service buffet offers some structure to a buffet option. It allows for a little more portion control as our staff will serve each item to your guests as they come through the line. This ensures you will not run out of food and your guests will feel well taken care of as we serve them.

Grill on site

A unique option, only BBQ can offer! We set up our grills and prepare the food right in front of your guests. It adds a level of excitement and allows guests to be interactive when they see their food being cooked fresh. This is a great option for an outdoor event!

Table service

For a more formal event, table service is a great option. Allow your guests the luxury of being served a full plate of food without even having to leave their table.

Table service can also be more time efficient as guests do not have to wait their turn to get in line at a buffet. If your event has a set schedule, table service can help you stay on time!

Now the power is in your hands. Select whichever option suits your event the best. Rudy’s smokehouse is a catering company that caters to your individual needs!

True barbeque as practiced in the American South has 4
main ingredients- quality meats, low temperatures, wood
burning for flavor enhancement, and lots and lots of
patience, which is exactly what we do here at Rudy’s
All Glory be to God!