Memorable Catering Service for your Wedding

When planning a wedding the phrase “It takes a village” could not be more true. To plan and execute your perfect day, It takes a lot of people and parts to come together.

With so many people experiencing your big day, everyone has a different perspective on how it went and how they will remember the day.

The Bride

A bride will spend endless hours on all the details, plan every place setting, flower arrangement, song choice, and hairstyle. But what does the bride remember after the day has flown by her? The look on her husband’s face as she walked down the aisle, the laughs in the photo booth, and the words spoken from her loved ones in each toast given.

The Parents

Parents may keep track of the budget and the milestones along the way to planning the wedding. But what do they remember when it’s all said and done? The moment they saw their child at the altar, the laughs and tears they shed when they gave their toast, and dancing with the bride or groom.

The Guests

A wedding guest has few responsibilities before the wedding, they just need to find the right outfit, buy a gift (don’t forget a gift receipt), and show up on time.

What is a wedding guest going to remember the most when they leave at the end of the night? They are going to remember the chills they got as the bride walked down the aisle, the photo booth picture they get to take home, and of course, THE FOOD!

As a wedding guest, whether they are going to admit it or not, one of the most important parts of attending a wedding is the food. It often times can be one of the defining factors of their experience at a wedding.   

The wedding may be forgettable if the food didn’t taste good or they left hungry.  But, If the food was delicious, served by friendly caterers, and they left full and satisfied, they will definitely remember that!

If your planning a wedding, consider this your public service announcement, don’t overlook the food for your guests and don’t try to provide it on your own. Look into Catering services for your wedding. “It takes a village” to plan a wedding so invite Rudy’s Smokehouse into your village.

If your wedding is going to be memorable, you want it to be for the right reasons, not because you had hungry guests! Rudy’s Smokehouse has years of experience creating memorable meals for your wedding, and a stress free experience for couples!


True barbeque as practiced in the American South has 4
main ingredients- quality meats, low temperatures, wood
burning for flavor enhancement, and lots and lots of
patience, which is exactly what we do here at Rudy’s
All Glory be to God!