Affordable Catering

Making Catering Affordable

cateringWhen some people hear the word catering, they immediately think expensive. There are several reasons they may associate catering with spending a lot of money. Some might have worked with a catering company that overcharged, while others may have been to an event that was catered by a company that provided a spare-no-expense package.

However, at Rudy’s Catering, we’re here to tell you that affordable catering is out there, and it’s not that difficult to find. All it takes is looking at the options available to you, and making it work within your intended budget.

Mix and Match Catering

Mix and match catering, on the other hand, gives you much more control over the cost and over what’s served. Instead of selecting the whole meal, you can go through a list of everything the caterer offers and select different options.

Host an Interactive Cocktail Hour

affordable cateringServing heavy hors d’oeuvres with an interactive cocktail hour is another way to keep the costs more affordable. The interactive cocktail hour allows guests to create their own concoctions with a mashed potato bar, s’mores bar, ice cream bar, pasta stations, build your own taco, or popcorn stations. Really, the possibilities are endless, and guests love the ability to create their own personal meal.

Additionally, this can also act as a favor to guests at a wedding. For example, you can create your own popcorn mix, which guests can take home from your Hollywood-themed wedding.

Customize the Whole Meal

There are many advantages to doing a mix and match catering menu. The first advantage is you can pick anything off any of the menus. Pick your salad, a soup, the meat, the side dishes, the desserts… even decide what beverages are served. You have full control here.

For events like weddings or birthdays where you’re celebrating a person or couple, you can tailor the menu to reflect all of their preferences. For work events, you can select items that appeal to the most people.

It’s Affordable

Another great advantage to our affordable catering menu is that you can focus your budget where you want it. With each of our options, you start by choosing your budget, then choosing the entrée(s), side(s), salad(s), and more.

With packaged menus at other catering companies, asking for a substitution may result in being charged a fee of some sort. By doing mix and match catering, you only pay for the food. There are no hidden costs anywhere.

Mix and Match the Extras

Most caterers also offer mix and match services with their linens and other extras. With Rudy’s Catering, you’ll find that we have almost as many options for the extras as we do for the menu items! Just let us know how you envision your table set-up and we can go over the different options you can choose between.

Getting More Information

At Rudy’s all of our menus are created with this mix and match style in mind. This means you can select the options that make the most sense for your event, all while sticking within your per person budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our affordable catering, mix and match menus, and all the other options we have to make your next event unforgettable!