Catering for Events

Different Types of Events that Can Be Catered

If you’re hosting an event with food, no matter what kind of food, you’re going to want to find a good caterer. A good caterer, like Rudy’s Catering for events, will make the entire experience of feeding your guests completely stress-free so that you can focus on other things. Here are a few of the different events you might want to hire a caterer to handle.


catering for eventsThis is one of the first events people think of when they think of needing a caterer. Weddings, no matter the size of the guest list, are huge affairs, and the bride and groom have more things to worry about than the food. In fact, they have just about everything else to worry about: did everyone from out of town arrive safely? Are the flowers right? Is that a stain on the wedding dress? Will you forget your vows?

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life—it’s not the day you need to worry about the potatoes or the punch. So, let the professionals take care of it!

Rehearsal Dinners

While not as stressful as the wedding itself, the rehearsal dinner is usually catered just so the couple and their close friends and family don’t have anything extra to do the night before the ceremony.

It’s a chance to take a breather and enjoy a nice meal with your loved ones before the hectic day that’s going to follow. Plus, the catering for events staff can even take care of the cleanup for you, so you can get a good night’s sleep before the big day.

Office Functions

If you’re having a special event at work, like a big meeting, an office party, or even an office-wide bonding day, you may want to treat your employees to snacks or a full lunch. Having this catered means you can have everyone assembled in the conference room, yet still have a good meal.

Additionally, some studies show that sharing breakfast or lunch also helps bring co-workers together, so having office functions catered can lead to other workplace benefits, as well.


catering for eventsConferences and conventions may include a catered meal or two. Often the catering for these events includes a formal dinner to conclude the conference or right before the keynote address. They’re also a very nice way of letting attendees spend time together in an environment where they can talk informally and get to know each other better.

And, while it might seem like a good idea to make the food for this type of event yourself, leaving it to the pros will help free up your time to manage any mini-crisis that may pop up, like an attendee losing their badge, or a speaker arriving late.

Anniversaries and Birthday Parties

Marking these milestones can be important, but if you’re expecting a large number of people to attend, the thought of dealing with food for everyone can be a little overwhelming. Even if you’re just doing finger foods, you’d still have to buy all of the food and put it all out. It’s a lot of trouble, especially if you have other things to do on that day. So, why not cater for these events? It saves you all the work, plus you get to enjoy the food, too!

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