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Looking for High-End Catering Options? These are the Trends

high end catererJust like with any industry, the catering industry goes through trends that change every now and then. Some of these trends are fairly high-end and can be somewhat pricey for events on a budget. Others, though, may seem incredibly high-end, but are actually less expensive than standard fare. Here are a few trends you might find offered on a high-end caterer’s menu.

1. International Flavors

A lot of high-end caterers offer a touch of international flavors with their meals. Korean flavoring, for example, have become fairly popular as of late, with caterers adding kimchi to beef, pizza, and more. Kalbi, which is a type of barbeque beef, has been added to many high-end caterer menus, but especially to tacos. Korean barbeque as a whole has become more popular in recent years, appearing in restaurants and on many catering menus.

2. Local Menus

Hollenbeck132Rather than looking for something truly different and exotic, many people are looking to go local. They want high-end meals that also represent their local culture, which often means barbeque, comfort food, and other meals that you would not expect to see served for high-end events.

3. A New Twist on an Old Dish

Many people want something a little unusual for their banquet or fancy reception, but they also want that taste of home. The solution: a new twist on old dishes.

Sliders have been very popular at burger places, but how about a slider dessert? What about small, single-person cakes or pies? These ideas have become fairly popular because they’re both the same yet are very different.

4. Trendy Fare

Many times, high-end caterers stick trendy food options into their menus because their clients want the items that are “in the now”. (Or, those amazing looking creations that are popping up all over Pinterest). Some of these trendy food options include:

Deviled Eggs
deviled-egg-variationsThis sounds very odd, but within the past four or five years, deviled eggs have become quite popular among high-end caterers, and they’ve started appearing at many fancy upscale events. Wedding receptions, corporate meetings, wine tastings, and other high end events are perfect for deviled eggs because they’re small and easy to eat without any silverware.

But, these aren’t your grandmother’s deviled eggs, either—they’re seasoned with a variety of exotic spices and make use of smoked salmon, lamb tartar, and even fried chicken. It’s a great comfort food that reminds people of home, doesn’t cost a lot, and can be fancied up in a number of different ways.

tortas.lgSeveral years ago, it seemed like a large number of wedding receptions and other events were doing taco bars, but it looks like the time of the taco is over. Now high-end luncheons and other events that aren’t incredibly formal banquets but are still fairly classy are looking at the tortas.

This small sandwich has a crispy exterior, but is fairly doughy inside. It contains different types of meat, sauce, spices, and other ingredients. While basic tortas are often offered at Mexican restaurants, high-end caterers may offer these little sandwiches stuffed with chicken breast, barbequed pork, black beans, onion, avocado, toasted pine nuts, and more.

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