How to Throw a College Graduation Party

For whatever reason, college graduation parties aren’t anywhere near as common as high school graduation parties.  Maybe it’s because everyone is too busy searching for careers, or they’re moving after college, or the people they’d like to invite are too spread out.

Whatever the reason is, we think it’s a trend that should change.  After all, college graduations are something worth celebrating.  So for those looking to turn that grad cap into a party hat, here’s a few ideas.

Keep the Setting Casual

Chances are, you’ll be having this party in the vicinity of your college.  If your parents don’t live by your college, you won’t be able to commandeer their house like you did for your high school party.  You’ll need to find a venue, unless you’re okay with cramming everyone into the (most likely) small apartment you’re living in.

The best bet would be to find a friend or family member with a house in the area, and ask if they can host.  You could also reserve space at a park.  Wherever you go, try to pick a spot where there’s room to move around a bit.

Photo Station

These days, when people go to an event, they want the opportunity to be in pictures.  It’s almost become non-negotiable.  You can pretty easily set up a graduation theme photo booth area.  Just get a solid colored (preferably white) back drop and assemble some appropriate props.  Graduation hats, robes, tassels, some rolled up diplomas, etc.

Games and Activities

One idea for a unique game is to put the graduate on the spot.  Have some friends put together a quiz relating to your degree.  It can consist of questions you should know from your college education.  From there, you can either be put on the spot in front of everyone, or you can compete and see if someone can out-knowledge you in your own course of study.

The Food

One area you should never skimp on is the food.  If you’re holding the event at a casual venue, and you’re taking care of the games and activities yourself, you can afford to put a little money into is the food.

The simplest way to get a stress free experience and end up with great food is to cater it.  Caterers such as ourselves can cover it all.  Apps, main courses, desserts, and yes, the drinks.  After all, you’re over 21 now.  You might as well enjoy it.

If you’re looking for a catering company that will take your college graduation party to the next level, look no further than Rudy’s catering.  Visit our menu section or contact us directly to see what we can do for you.

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