Great Ideas for Fall Baby Showers

You might not want to accept it, but summer is almost over. The good news is that means it’s almost time for fall. Deep, beautiful red, yellow, and orange leaves will soon cover the trees. The smell of spice and bonfires will fill the air.

Could it get any better? Maybe if you were celebrating a loved one who is expecting a child.

Fall themed baby showers bring two wonderful things together in a single celebration of the changing of seasons, both literally and metaphorically. Here are a few ideas to set you up for success.

Rustic Aesthetics

Traditionally, baby showers feature a lot of white and blue or pink, but this is fall, and fall has distinct aesthetics that should be represented. Embrace textures, woodgrains, crackle finishes, and burnt colors.

Scattering some leaves around (probably fake) does wonders too.

Ciders – Hot, Cold, or Both

If you’re going for the fall-feel, cider obviously needs to be involved. Since this party revolves around a pregnant woman, it might be best to leave any “special ingredients” out of it. If you want a little more variety though, you can serve both hot and cold cider.

As for what to serve them in, glasses always make great party favors. Keeping with the rustic theme, you could use mason jars. A few chalkboard labels and some chalk markers are a great way to let people mark their cups.

Marshmallow and Chocolate Bar

Although it certainly fits with the season, sitting around a fire and roasting s’mores might not work the best for a baby shower (though if you want to, you certainly can). But you can still enjoy the ingredients without the fire. Just set up a chocolate bar with some marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, and whatever else you’d like to mix in.

For an extra touch, use actual twigs to stick the marshmallows on. Just make sure they’re clean.

Mini Pies

When it comes to baby showers, tiny items are everywhere. Little clothes and shoes and blankets. Why not keep that theme with the desert? As for flavors, pumpkin is the unofficial king of fall pies, but there’s nothing wrong with featuring apple and pecan as well.

Hire a Caterer

If you’re looking to impress your guests without spending hours in preparation, you can always hire a caterer that’s able to provide custom event options. At Rudy’s, we offer catering for events of all styles and sizes.

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