Winter Wedding Tips

There are two types of people in the world: those who view this season as a magical winter-wonderland, and those who see snow as some sort of unholy punishment for mankind’s sins. It’s possibly you hold both viewpoints, depending on the day.

While there is the cold and mess that winter brings, it certainly can be beautiful. And that’s one reason why people choose to do their weddings during the winter season. Of course, it’s not the only reason.

Advantages of Winter Weddings

Once Thanksgiving and Christmas are over, people’s lives temporarily slow down. January, in particular, tends to feel like the longest month of the year. Because of the slowdown, you won’t have much to compete with if you’re scheduling a wedding.

Also, venues are typically cheaper in the winter.

With all of that money you’re saving, you can take a nice honeymoon to somewhere warm and sunny, leaving the frozen death of winter behind for a few days.

Now, should you choose to place your wedding in the winter months, and you live somewhere that actually experiences winter, you do need to be prepared for a few things. And you have a number of unique options available to you.

Here are some general winter wedding tips.

Snow is Wet. Snow is Cold. Act Accordingly.

In everything you do, think about snow and travel. You’ll want to have some buffer time in the schedule since everything moves slower in the winter, particularly traffic. You’ll want to make sure people will be warm wherever they are. And you’ll want to account for any mess that foot traffic might bring in.

It’s a classic case of hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

You Can Embrace the White/Blue

By default, weddings have a lot of white. But when it comes to a winter wedding, there’s really no limit to the white you can inject. You can turn your special day into a snowy Narnia, should you choose. If you really want to run with the winter theme, why not add some blue touches too?

Just be cautious of going full Frozen, or it might be confused with a child’s birthday party.

Glitter and Green

Glitter and evergreens are great ways to keep with the winter theme. Evergreen branches can make great center pieces for tables. You could even setup some full-size evergreens here and there. As for glitter, the possibilities are endless.

Color is Okay…in Doses

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t put some colors into your wedding, but it’s best done as accents. Some touches of red here, some green there. Ultimately, it’s up to you to do whatever you want, but summery colors might look a little strange in the winter months.

Photo Prep

Planning to do some outdoor photos despite the weather? Of course, you are! You can get some beautiful winter photos that really stand out amongst the millions of wedding photos out there. Just make sure you prep for them.

Not just for yourself, but for the other people in your wedding party too.

Make sure everyone has boots, gloves, coats, wraps, etc. Doesn’t hurt to keep some hand warmers around as well.

Worst Case Scenario 

You might not want to think about it, but if you’re having a winter wedding, you really should plan out a worst-case scenario should the heavens open and unleash Snowmageddon upon us. Trying to pull off a last minute reschedule could be tricky, so you might just have to run with whoever can make it.

If you, yourself cannot make it to the destination, maybe you could do a friends and family ceremony in a home.

Chances are, you won’t have to worry about it when the day comes, but if something goes horribly wrong, you’ll be glad you had a plan.

Good Food Transcends Seasons

When it comes to the food menu, we believe you’re free to serve up whatever you’d like, no matter the season. Whether it’s BBQ or something a little more classical, Rudy’s has you covered. We provide catering for events all year around. Contact us today.

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All Glory be to God!