Wedding Invites in 2017: Is it Time for Digital Wedding Invites

Mailing a letter is a rare thing these days. Especially amongst younger people. They probably don’t even have stamps at home. They might not even know how to buy stamps.

Sure, there’s the occasional package that needs to be sent off. But in those situations, you just need to bring the package over to the post office or UPS, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Yet, where mailing has become almost obsolete, and everything has gone digital, one piece of physical mail has remained strong:

Wedding invites.

Wedding Invitations are a Big Deal

There’s a lot of time and effort put into the invitations for a wedding. From the design to the wording and even the envelope-ing. When you receive a wedding invitation, it’s as though a king and queen have summoned for a royal ball.

But how much do people really notice them?

Sure, the invite looks great, but once it’s opened, it’s quickly tossed aside, never to be seen again.

Here’s a Harsh Truth About Wedding Invites

They’re expensive, and the people who receive them probably don’t care about them anywhere near as much as the bride and groom that oversaw their creation. Of course, you could make that argument for a number of wedding elements.

And there’s nothing wrong with wanting beautiful, traditional wedding invitations.

But every year, weddings are becoming more digital, even with the invite process. Beyond the obvious cost savings, digital invites have some distinct advantages.

RSVPing Has Never Been Easier

One of the most stress inducing moments of planning a wedding is gathering RSVPs. People are slow to respond, or they forget to respond entirely. Then you have to reach out directly and confirm the person’s attendance.

It’s a lot of work.

And as we mentioned earlier, people don’t like mailing things much anymore. So if you’re using physical RSVP cards, you’re fighting an uphill battle.

With a digital invitation, a person can RSVP, choose their entrée, and add a plus-one in a minute with a few clicks of their mouse.

Important Wedding Information Won’t be Lost

When you open a piece of mail, your first instinct is to throw it away when you’re done. That’s a problem if that piece of mail contains all the information for the wedding you’re going to. It’s always embarrassing when you have to text a bride or groom the day before their wedding to confirm a time or get directions.

With a digital invite, the information is right there on the internet whenever it’s needed.

You Can Combine Digital and Physical

Do you really want physical invites, but you also want to harness the power of modern technology? It’s very common for brides and grooms to use a website to handle RSVPs. That way, you simply put a web address on the invitation, and the invitee can respond from there.

Additionally, you could send out a physical invitation and then a digital follow-up invite. Or perhaps you send a “save the date” in the mail, and then have the official invite be digital.

The Nice Thing About Saving on Invites

Should you choose to go the digital route, you’ll have a little extra money in your wedding budget. You can then reallocate this to another area of the wedding celebration.

Like catering, for example.

With some extra money in the food budget, you could add more dishes or more drinks, and everyone will have a merrier time when your special day comes. For catering in Dayton, Ohio, Rudy’s is here for you.

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