Advantages of Weekday Weddings

Weddings are seen as very traditional affairs that appear to follow certain unwritten rules. But the truth is, a lot has changed about weddings, even in more modern times. For example, less than a century ago, weddings almost always took place on weekdays. In fact, Saturday weddings were considered bad luck.

Friday’s and Sunday’s weren’t highly thought of either.

Overtime, though, Saturdays became the winning day for almost all weddings. After all, more people have weekends off than weekdays. As weddings and receptions extended into much longer events, it made sense to move it to Saturday.

The trouble is, with everyone wanting a Saturday wedding, it became much more difficult to book a venue on that day. Not to mention much costlier.

With more couples trying to focus on simpler, less-stressful, more affordable weddings, weekday (and Sunday) weddings have come back into popularity. There are many distinct advantages to having a weekday wedding.


It’s not just weddings that happen on Saturdays. It’s the most common off-day that people have, making it the most popular day for all sorts of events. For those trying to make a Saturday wedding happen, it means they might be waiting a long time to get the venue they want.

If you’re looking to have a shorter wait period and/or you’re set on a particularly popular venue, a weekday wedding is the way to go.


Booking a venue on a weekday is almost always cheaper. The demand is considerably smaller on weekdays, so most venues cut their rates to entice people. You’ll be surprised to see how much less some venues will charge for a weekday reservation.

More Attention from Vendors

With all the different events happening on weekends, vendors tend to be very busy people. Though your wedding is the most important venue to you, that’s not the case with your vendors. However, by choosing a less busy weekday, you can find yourself getting a lot more attention from less busy vendors.

Flexibility in Choosing a Date

Let’s say you want to choose a specific date for a sentimental reason. If you’re open to weekdays, you can choose any date you want. Since there are five weekdays vs. one Saturday in a week, you have all kinds of flexibility for choosing a date.

Use the Weekend to Prep

Wedding weeks are busy, and they get busier the closer you get to your special day. If you’re having a Saturday wedding, that means Thursday and Friday are some of your craziest days. Considering how busy Thursdays and Fridays can be by themselves, this can make things much more stressful.

Having a wedding set on a Monday or Tuesday might seem strange at first, but it gives you the weekend to finish your preparation.

And we all know weekends are a great time to get things taken care of.

Catering Available 7 Days a Week

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