Planning a Surprise Engagement Party

Post-engagement parties have grown in both popularity and size in recent years. What was once a humble gathering of parents and a close friend or two is now a full-blown celebration of what’s to come.

It’s a wonderful time when everything comes together, but the planning can be a little tricky.

It’s essentially like any other surprise party, except the surrounding circumstances are a little less predictable.  Plus, if you’re the groom, you’re probably already stressing over the engagement itself. So, to make the event as calm as possible, here are some basic tips to follow.

Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy

If a surprise birthday gets ruined, it’s a little disappointing. If an engagement surprise party gets ruined, it can spoil the engagement itself. No, it’s not the end of the world, but it does take away from the special moment.

So, you’ll need to be extra secretive with your planning. You’ll also want to stress the importance of secrecy to the guests. Only tell those who need to know.

Choose the Right Guests

Though this is a proper party, it should still be intimate to a degree. Be intentional with who you choose, selecting close friends and family who will truly want to celebrate the occasion. Since you won’t have the bride to help double-check the guest list, you’ll need to make sure not to forget anyone they would want to be there.

The Location

Ideally, if you can have it near the place of engagement, that’s great. Alternatively, you can choose a parents’ house. This can allow you to make the party an additional post-engagement surprise. You mention going to meet up with the parents after, and then it turns out there’s a full party waiting.

Give Advanced Notice (but Maybe Not Full Details)

The planning of an engagement can happen quickly, so you’ll want to start letting the important people know as soon as possible. If you’re hesitant to let so many people know about your plans, you can simply tell them to keep the night open without providing details.

Just try not to be too suspicious about it.

Surprise the Guests

If you really like surprises, you can actually surprise the guests of the party as well. When setting the plans, tell them you’re throwing a surprise party for a birthday/anniversary/etc., rather than an engagement.

Then, when you show up with your new fiancé, you can in term surprise them all by sharing the big news.

It’s extra tricky, but the payoff can be completely worth it.

Utilize Professionals

Chances are, you’re going to be pretty wrapped up in your engagement plans. On top of that, you may be utilizing friends assistance with the engagement as well. That doesn’t leave a lot of people to over see party execution.

This is where a professional can be a big help.

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