Popular Wedding Trends for 2018

It’s a new year, which means there’s a new list of trends to keep up with. If you or someone you know is getting married this year, we’ve put together a few suggestions and design choices to keep you in fashion.

Of course, it’s not all about doing what’s popular. Your wedding should ultimately be something you and your spouse love, regardless of whether it’s trending or not.

That said, these can certainly help spark some inspiration and get your creative gears turning.

Dark Blue and Silver Replacing Black and Gold

Last year, black and gold were a big deal. A dark backdrop with the radiant gold accents really stand out. Truthfully, it’s a color combination that probably won’t ever go fully out of style for formal events.

That said, many are shifting to a slightly subtler variant: dark blue and silver.

A deep blue can give a near neutral backdrop like black, but with just a touch of color. Since you’ve got your color there, gold switches to a more neutral silver, providing an accent that’s refined, but a touch more reserved.

Bringing Back Formality

The past decade has seen weddings become increasingly more informal, not just in the guests’ attire, but in the wedding party itself. The groomsmen have ditched ties, even dress shoes. Bridesmaids dresses often don’t quite match and hang casually loose.

While casual attire might be more comfortable to wear, it takes away from some of the posh and prestige of a wedding.

That’s why many couples are turning back to the more formal, clean-cut appearance. High style, high polish. After all, you want to look your very best on your wedding day.

Cascading Flowers

Flowers have always had a place in weddings. They’re in the bouquets, the aisle décor, the table settings, and even the walls. Now, in 2018, flowers are going completely upside down. Expect to see cascading and hanging floral arrangements this year.

Whether as room centerpieces or hanging above each table, these inverted flowerbeds are stunning.

Smaller Wedding Parties

It could be said that wedding parties have grown slightly out of hand in modern weddings. Some people have a lot of friends. Others are simply too polite to exclude people. Either way, we’ve come to a point where staging the wedding party photo has become near impossible.

Not to mention you lose intimacy with larger wedding parties.

And so, spouses are making their wedding parties smaller again. Even as few as three on each side. The truth is, it’s less likely someone will feel left out of a small wedding party than they will with a large one.

So set a limit, make your picks, and live with it. If someone feels left out, it’s not your problem. This is your wedding.

It’s Not Rustic, It’s “Woodsy”

It looks like the rustic vibes of the past few years are finally starting to wear out their welcome. Don’t worry, though. They’ve not going away completely. Rather, rustic is transforming into “woodsy”.

What’s the difference?

Think less barnyard in the country and more of an open field in the woods. That means more green, more wood, and more nature.

More Creative Desert Tables

Cake is great, but there’s a lot of equally loveable deserts. Why not offer your guests a little variety? This trend isn’t new, but it’s growing to become an expectation. People want choice at their desert table. Get creative. Have some fun.

You could have donuts, colorful cookies, cheesecakes, and so much more.

Don’t worry, you can still have your proper wedding cake to cut. You just won’t need as much of it to go around.

Post-Reception After Party

People have different late-night habits. Some guests are eager to get to bed while others want to keep the fun going. This is where we see the rise of the wedding after-party. You still have your proper reception with dinner, speeches, and maybe even a few dances.

From there, you can even do the send-off. However, it’s not the final send-off.

Instead, this leads to a brief break before a post-reception party. The guests who want to keep celebrating can dress-down a bit, say goodbyes to those who are leaving, and then party till their heart’s content.

This is a newer concept, so how it’s carried out is up to you. The ultimate goal is to just have fun.

Great Food Never Goes Out of Style

No matter how wedding trends change, quality food will never become outdated. A great meal is at the center of every memorable reception. Choose wisely.

At Rudy’s, we offer an extensive wedding catering menu with choices to fit any wedding style. Contact us today to get started.

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