Rehearsal Dinner 101 – What to Do Before the Big Day

Rehearsal dinners have become the norm in the wedding tradition. With the addition of another day of hosting, it can become a stressful endeavor all on its own. Before the big day, take into consideration these tips that will help relieve that stress.

Keep It Casual

The rehearsal dinner is normally for the wedding party to prep and the families to meet before the wedding. If you’re having a more formal wedding, the rehearsal dinner is the perfect opportunity to keep things low key. Forgo the ballroom or nice restaurant and have it in a backyard or art gallery.

Keep it Fun

You’re blending two different families, which may not always be the most comfortable experience. Find ways to break the ice at the rehearsal dinner. Play some games and encourage new family members to talk. In some situations, having a spontaneous seating chart can encourage conversation among family who might not sit next to each other.

Let People Practice

We’ve all been to the wedding with the awkward toast. If you’ve seen The Office when Michael gives a toast at Jim and Pam’s wedding, you’ve probably had nightmares about that happening at your wedding. Let the rehearsal dinner prep you for the big day. Let people practice their toast before the big day for your sake and theirs.

Don’t Forget the Out-of-Towners

A nice gesture is to extend an invite to the people who have traveled a far distance for your wedding. It’s not mandatory, but it is a nice touch if they’re in town with nothing to do.

Don’t Forget to Cater

You’ve taken all the time to plan a wedding and a dinner rehearsal, don’t spend your time focusing on catering. Catering for events like your rehearsal dinner takes the food stress out of the occasion so you can have a good time. Enjoy your day and let Rudy’s Smokehouse take care of the catering!

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