How to be a Great Party Host

Anyone can be an excellent host, yet so many people don’t take the time to invite guests into their homes. Think of all the special memories and celebrations you could be having if you just took the time to extend an invite to your friends and families.

Being a host can be daunting and may seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few simple steps to help you be a great party host!

Have a plan and a schedule

Write down a list of things you will need to prepare for your event. Get as much checked off that list before the day of the party, this will help your day feel a little more stress free.

Have a scheduled plan for the day of the event as well. Be sure to schedule your time so that you are ready a little early. This will insure you are not still trying to get ready or light candles as guests are arriving.

Be sure you feel your home looks presentable

Take the time to clean your home if you are going to have guests over. Use this as an excuse to get your house in tip top shape not only for your guests but for yourself. You will feel more relaxed if you don’t have to worry about your guests noticing the dust bunnies in your dining room. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself, most likely the only one who would notice is you.

Fill awkward silences

Before guests arrive choose a playlist or music station to play softly. Your selection may vary based on your event, but music is a great way to fill any awkward silences.

Maybe even select a few close friends to come over a little earlier to help set the mood for your event. That way when everyone else arrives, the party is started and people will want to join right in. Have a few icebreaker questions or a game planned to help make people feel more comfortable.

Accept any help you can get

If friends or family offer to help you with party planning and hosting say yes! It’s useful to have someone there to set the table, light candles, and help welcome your guests. Having a helping hand will make everything easier for you as the host.

If you really want to make hosting a breeze, hire a caterer. That takes the task of cooking and setting up the food off of your plate. Catering for events by Rudy’s Smokehouse is a great way to ease yourself into becoming a great host. All you will have to worry about is entertaining your guests while we do the rest!

Save clean up for later

You will want to clean up garbage and collect people’s plates as they finish eating, but save the major clean up and dishes until after everyone is gone (or most likely the next day!) Guests will feel obligated to help if you start doing dishes and wiping down counters. Let yourself and your guests relax until the evening is over.

If you hire a caterer they can help with clean up and dishes as well. Just another way to make hosting easier for you!

Have fun and be yourself

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have the biggest and best party. Have fun with it! Decorate for the occasion, play games, serve fancy drinks. Everyone is there to have fun with you! If you relax and be yourself everyone will enjoy being your guest!

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