Tips To Save Money Planning Your Wedding

Wedding traditions have changed a lot over the years. From bridal party styles to photographers there are only a few long lasting wedding traditions that remain in tact.

This newer attitude towards wedding planning means there is really no right or wrong way to plan a wedding. This provides a lot of opportunities for you to cut costs and save money when planning your wedding.  

Strategically pick the date of your wedding

There are without a doubt certain months out of the year that are more popular to get married than others, and the wedding industry know this. Most venue prices reflect this by raising their prices in the busy summer months.

This provides you an opportunity to save some money by planning your wedding in the “off” season. Fall and winter weddings will, by far, be more cost efficient for you.

Also consider the day you plan your wedding on. Friday and Sunday weddings are becoming more and more popular as people realize it can be significantly cheaper to get married on those days instead of a Saturday.

Consider a more casual venue

With changing wedding traditions come more relaxed wedding styles. Backyard and barn weddings are becoming more and more popular. Casual venues like a park or outdoor space are usually a little more budget friendly than renting out a more formal location.

The wedding venue is a big choice to make and the options have expanded far beyond the traditional church or banquet hall. Explore all your options, each wedding venue brings its own style and will help set the tone for your whole day. Finding an outdoor venue can put a fun twist on your day and save you money.

DIY decor and more

We are in the golden age of pinterest and DIY projects. Take time to find out what elements of your wedding you can DIY or find a loved one who can do it for you.  Flowers and decor are items that can easily be done on your own and will save you a lot of money.

Find family and friends who want to help. Maybe you have a friend who can do bridesmaids’ hair or an organized family member who would love to help you coordinate the day-of details instead of hiring a wedding planner. You will be surprised how much people want to support you and are willing to help you out on your big day!

Research caterers

Food can be a big expense on your wedding day, so be sure to research caterer options. Affordable catering for your wedding is easier to find now that all the old traditions don’t need to be followed. When it comes to food, anything goes!

Rudy’s Smokehouse has many different levels of catering to meet your wedding budget and style, traditional or not. Want a classic wedding menu? We’re here to provide. Looking for something more unique? You’ll love our BBQ catering.

Our wedding menu is extensive and customizable. In addition to classic and BBQ options, we also offer Mexican, Greek, Italian, and more.

When there is no right or wrong way to cater your wedding, all that matters is what’s right for you! Contact us today to learn more about what Rudy’s can do for you!

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