Event Essentials Your Caterer Should Provide

No two catering companies are created equal. There will always be differences in menu, food style, the way they price their services, and much more. It can become a bit tricky when you are looking for a caterer to compare one from the other.

Each catering company has something different to offer, but be careful. The food is, of course, one of the most important things a caterer has to offer, but don’t let the food completely distract you from other details that must be accounted for.

There are some items that may seem obvious essentials for any catering company to provide. You may be surprised, however, when you start looking for caterers, how many of them don’t provide what you need. Read on to know which event essentials Rudy’s Smokehouse believes all caterers should provide.


As a busy event planner or bride, details can easily be missed, but linens are not one you want to miss. Linens can totally transform a room full of folding tables into an elegant space for your event. We have different color options to coordinate with the theme of your event.

If your caterer provides linens, it will take a load off your shoulders. They should be able to set them up with the food service and take them away to clean at the end of the night. You don’t want to have to get up early the day after your event to wash linens.

China & flatware

Another one that may seem obvious but isnt always included. Make sure your guests have a way to enjoy their meal with proper plates, napkins, and flatware. We provide a few different style plates and flatware depending on the style of your event.

Decorative elements

This is an added touch you certainly won’t get with every caterer, but the best caterers will provide some decorative elements to your food spreads. Whether it’s fun serving bowls & baskets, or added fruit & greenery, we want to make sure our set up flows seamlessly with the style of your event.

Excellent service

This can be hard to come by these days. The best way to find out how your caterer’s customer service is, is to search for reviews. Testimonials will always give you a true sense of how a caterer and their staff treats the people they are serving.

With a quick search online, you’ll see that Rudy’s comes highly recommended.

We make sure all our servers are thoroughly trained and excited to serve at your event. From the moment we enter your event, we will be a positive presence, there to make your event a huge hit!

Rudy’s Smokehouse is a catering company that offers you the whole package. We will wow your guests with our tasty food from our diverse menu and satisfy you with our attention to detail. Our services expand far beyond the food and that’s the way it should always be!

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