Event Catering Made Easy For You with Four Simple Steps

Planning an event can be a big undertaking. Big or small, however, event planning and hosting does not have to include hours in the kitchen or days of set up and clean up.

Using a caterer can take a lot of weight off the shoulders of a host. Knowing the food is taken care of will free you to focus on other details in addition to allowing you to be a more present host.

Taking full advantage of all the services a caterer provides will make event planning a breeze. Caterers offer different levels of services. Find a caterer like Rudy’s Smokehouse that will take care of the the food details every step of the way, allowing you to be the best host you can be!

Step 1: Planning

A knowledgeable caterer will be helpful in the planning process from the very beginning. You should be able to tell your caterer your vision or theme and let your caterer take it from there. We will assist you in selecting the best options from our menu for your event. On many occasions, we can customize our menu to fit your needs.

We provide convenient times for planning and tastings as well as being open to many forms of communication. We want to make the planning process as smooth as possible, this means working within your schedule and timelines!

Step 2: Set up

Having a caterer who handles all the food set up will give you peace of mind in the hustle of event day. Give your caterer free range to set up as they please and you wont be dissapointed with the result. Whether it’s buffet or a plated meal our servers will make your food display look as good as it tastes.  The best part is, you don’t have to lift a finger!

Step 3: Service

Having a full service buffet or plated meal adds an additional level of service for your guests and and yourself as a host. Our servers are diligent in making sure each guests feels well taken care of, while making sure food doesn’t run out and continues to look presentable.

As a host you will be able to enjoy a meal with your guests, instead of being worried about everyone getting through the food line!

Step 4: Clean up

Clean up can become the most daunting part of hosting an event. Our full service catering will take that off your plate. You will love the sense of relief at the end of the night when the weight of cleaning up after all your guests doesn’t rest on your shoulders alone.

Rudy’s catering for events offers full service catering options that make planning and hosting an event easy for you! Your guests will be treated to an incredible meal while you treat yourself with the help of our caterers!

True barbeque as practiced in the American South has 4
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All Glory be to God!