Fall Catering Trends

Fall is here, and it’s a season that is impossible not to love! From perfect weather to pumpkin spice everything, most people enjoy the warm and cozy feelings that fall brings. This makes fall a popular time to plan a wedding or throw the last celebrations you may have before the holidays arrive.

Events in the fall have a special feel, as people take advantage of this short lived season to make their celebration unique from other times of the year. At Rudy’s Smokehouse we cater to every kind of event from weddings to graduations to retirement parties and more. We always love when fall rolls around for the trends we see in catering.

Warm appetizers

As soon as the leaves change, appetizers begin to change as well. People go from wanting light starters like fruit and salads to warm and hearty appetizers. We offer appetizers that are sure to warm you up and fill you up too! Meatballs, chicken wings, crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms, and more can all be found on our appetizer menu.

Seasonal decor

The way your food spread looks is just as important to us a how it tastes. In the fall we see decor take a turn towards darker, richer, colors. We work with our clients to coordinate with their fall colors and themes. Dark flower arrangements can give any table a fall look. Using seasonal vegetables and squashes are a unique decorative accent that are unique to fall!

Comfort food

Much like appetizer selections, in the fall people turn to comfort foods for all their catering needs. Rudy’s Catering BBQ is a popular selection for fall menus as is it adds a hearty comforting food that feels familiar to everyone. What surprises a lot of people, however, is the quality of our BBQ over others.

Sides are just as important as the main dish. With sides like Macaroni and cheese, many styles of potatoes, and roasted vegetables, every aspect of your event menu will fit with your fall theme.

Cozy desserts

Last, but certainly not least, the right desserts will help your guests cozy in for a night of fun! One of the biggest fall dessert trends is a smores bar. There’s no better way to end a fall night than with smores around the fire, and we can help you bring that experience to your guests at any event.

Additionally, we offer brownies, cheesecakes, and cobblers. These rich dessert options will impress your guests with all the aromas and flavors of fall!

This time of year, take advantage of all the seasonal trends that will accentuate the way everyone feels about fall. Our catering options will help you bring all the warm and cozy feelings that come with fall to your event!


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All Glory be to God!