How To Give Your Event a High-End Feel

Throwing a party or planning an event is always a big project. Whether you are a natural born host or hosting your first get together in a new home, the details that go into being the best host are endless. A lot of time, energy, and money go into throwing the perfect party, or so you thought…

We have gathered our best tips and tricks to simply planning a high end event that won’t break the bank or your back.

High-end decor

Decorations will set the stage for your party from the moment people enter. If you are hosting in your home, be sure to clear out any clutter or unnecessary items from the visabe areas of your home. We have all had that moment of getting ready for a party where everything starts getting hidden in closets!

Clearing things out and replacing them with a few elaborate decor items will give a great first impression. The best way create high end decor is to focus on the table. Centerpieces have the ability to transform any space. Wow your guests will at least one show stopping centerpiece that they will remember even after they leave.

High-end catering

Speaking of the table, food presentation is almost just as important as the way it tastes. Rudys Smokehouse has this element of high end catering perfected. Beautifully plated meals and exceptionally presented appetizers and desserts will prepare your guests for what their taste buds are about to experience.

High end entertainment

Having an entertainment plan for your guests can really make them feel as though they are being treated to an elegant night out.

Whether it’s live music or an expertly curated spotify playlist, be intentional with the feel you create within your event. Having an entertainment plan, even if it’s simple, will show your guests you didn’t miss a single detail!

High-end party favors

Don’t let your guests leave empty handed. Whether it’s a divine dessert for their way home or a mini bottle of champagne, get creative with the party favors you send home. Give your guests something to remember the enjoyable time they had at your party!

High-end personal touches

The best thing you can do to give your guests the royal treatment  is make them feel personally caterer to. Let them know you were expecting them every step of the way, from a warm welcome at the door to personal place cards on the table.

All the little details will fall into place as long as your guests feel welcome, creating an expertly planned, high end event no one will forget!

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All Glory be to God!