Catering Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Can you remember going to your grandma’s house on Thanksgiving? You walk in the door with excitement knowing you are going to be met with a dozen hugs and the smell of a turkey that has been cooking all day.

As a child, holidays are a whimsical carefree time. You never quite understood why your parents would get so stressed, but now that you’ve grown up, you get it.

Busy calendars, coordinating schedules, juggling family relationships, cleaning every surface, preparing a feast for family and friends, you can’t help but wonder when the holidays became so busy and stressful.

As a catering company, Rudy’s Smokehouse can’t help you navigate family relationships or clean your home, but we can help you manage your time and serve a memorable Thanksgiving feast!

Our Thanksgiving menus

We have created a Thanksgiving menu that will fill your home with the smells of a home cooked meal without all the work of one.

Our smoked Turkey and Ham have flavor and freshness that you just can’t achieve with the home oven. All our smoked meats bring a new flavorful flare to any holiday meal.

Pick from our vast choices of sides including many different styles of potatoes, stuffing, green beans, and rolls. We have you covered with all the Thanksgiving classics.

We created convenient pick up packs where we provide you with everything you need to serve a mouthwatering Thanksgiving meal. Just let us know how many people you’re serving, and we can take it from there.

Wanting to switch things up a bit? Browse our customizable menu complete with Thanksgiving classics in addition to our signature menu options.

Giving you your time back

With both delivery and pick up available, we can work within your schedule and holiday plans. While you are busy juggling family and friends we can be preparing your food and deliver it with plenty of time to fill your home with all the smells of Thanksgiving.

Rudy’s Smokehouse wants to bring you back to the whimsy of your childhood Thanksgiving. Let us take the pressure of preparing a feast for your family and give you more time to enjoy the holiday, just like at grandma’s house!

True barbeque as practiced in the American South has 4
main ingredients- quality meats, low temperatures, wood
burning for flavor enhancement, and lots and lots of
patience, which is exactly what we do here at Rudy’s
All Glory be to God!