Freshen Up Your Corporate Events

Many businesses get stuck in the same old patterns of corporate events. Each Christmas party and company picnic begin to look the same year after year.

It’s easy to forget to take the time to show your employees you value and appreciate them, but corporate events are a great way to do so. It’s important, however, to keep things fresh and fun for your employee events. Read on to get some great ideas for your next corporate event.

Relational event

One of the best ways to show your employees you appreciate them is to do a fun, relational event. Host your event off-site, such as a bowling alley, indoor golf facility, or arcade. Off-site events are a great way to give your employees a change of pace, but also never underestimate how fun a game night at the office could be as well.

Participating in a fun activity or engaging in friendly competition are great ways to get to know your employees in a relaxed, fun environment. They also provide an opportunity for your employees to connect with each other.

These relational events can result in deeper connection and happier employees!

Team building event

Help strengthen your team by scheduling a team building event. Go to an escape room where everyone has to work together or hire a company to walk you through a series of team building exercises at the office.

These events can help break up the mundane everyday tasks and are key to a more productive team.

Training event

Nothing shows your employees you value them more than investing in their education and training. Have an event to teach your employees about a new system or bring in a prominent speaker from your field.

Make training fun and interactive. This will help them retain more of what is taught and have a little fun along the way.

The “must-have” for corporate events

Everyone knows a corporate event is nothing without food included. Employees can’t focus on training with an empty stomach and connections are often made best over a meal. Make your event complete with a meal from Rudy’s corporate event catering. Whether your a small or large business, our menu will bring any office together!

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