Throwing a Classy, High-End Event

It may seem like the days of The Great Gatsby are behind us. You just don’t see elegant parties thrown in beautiful mansions, where men are in tuxedos and the women in gowns. Maybe they are happening, and you’re simply not getting invited.

All the more reason to host your own, high-end, roaring-20’s style party.

Whether you are planning a marketing event, wedding, or fundraiser, everyone loves an excuse to get especially dressed up and enjoy an evening out.

Even if planning a high-end event feels a little out of your wheelhouse, with a few essentials, you can turn any event into a scene from The Great Gatsby. Or at the very least, you can host a memorable party with a high-end feel.

When and where will your event be?

Your venue will be one of the first things to set the stage for a high-end event. You will want to find a formal venue. Think of ballrooms, museums, or golf courses.

Be sure your venue includes any amenities that your guests might need. This means you should have a venue with clean indoor bathrooms, a coat check depending on the time of year, and maybe even vallet. When you ask your guests to formally dress up, these amenities will ensure you are being courteous to their needs.

A formal event is almost always held in the evening past 6:00 p.m. It’s not very often that you see a black tie requirement for brunch.

What form of entertainment will you have?

No party is complete without some form of entertainment. A high-end event should opt for live entertainment when possible. Bring in a live band or singer to help set the tone of the evening. Your entertainment will help you create the event you want, whether that’s a silent auction or a party on the dance floor.

What is the dress code?

You will want to make the dress code clear to your guests on your invitation. Black tie or black tie optional will help your guests understand that this is a formal event. Black tie really just refers to whether or not men need to wear a tux or a suit. Woman can usually opt for a ball gown or appropriate cocktail dress.

What will you serve your guests?

If you are having a formal event your guests will expect a high end caterer and possibly an open bar. Don’t disappoint them by serving low quality food. A high end meal or horderves will be the cherry on top of your event. Give your guests a meal they will remember with Rudy’s high end catering. Our expertly smoked meats will meet the expectations of even your most glamorous guests.

Formal events and celebrations still have a place in our hearts today. Dust off your tux and ball gown and get ready to party like Jay Gatsby himself!

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