Catering to Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Today, we all know at least one person with a food allergy or restriction, if not several. This is something that needs to be considered when searching for a caterer for your big event, whether it’s your wedding, grad party, or work event.

The larger the group of people, the more likely allergies and dietary restrictions will become a a factor. How does this affect the menu you plan? Is it even possible to accommodate for everyone?

Choose what you would like to accommodate

Simply put, you probably won’t be able to accommodate everyone. Once you accept that, you can focus on who you can and should be accommodating. When you’re in charge of event planning, the tasks piled on your plate will be high. Most people are understanding of that not everyone’s specific needs can be met. Your friends won’t be mad that you can’t keep up with their monthly fad diet.

And people with rare food allergies or chosen food restrictions are likely prepared for these circumstances, as it’s probably something they deal with at most events they attend.

Still, there may be a few more common and well know allergies/restrictions you do want to consider when planning your menu with your caterer.


Food allergies can be serious for the health of your guests. Many people opt to ask about food allergies on rsvp cards. This will help you get a good idea of the demographic of your guests if you don’t already have one.

Gluten and peanuts have become more popular food allergies that can cause serious problems. This is something we have an experiencing in working around, offering alternatives and displaying ingredient warnings if necessary.


You may want to consider your guests preferences as well. We aren’t saying you need to keep up with their weekly fad diets, but consider being accommodating to those who are vegetarian or vegan.

At Rudy’s Smokehouse we specialize in meat, but we can create some wonderful vegetarian options as well!


If children will be present at your event, you may want to consider providing a kid’s meal. This helps parents, knowing their will be a kid friendly meal option. It will also save you money as these options tend to be cheaper, and you won’t be throwing away a more expensive meal that a child took one bite of.

Keep it affordable

One of the biggest obstacles to catering to everyone’s food allergies and dietary restriction is it can get expensive. The more you cater to different needs, the more options you need to have, and the more the bill can add up.

At Rudy’s Smokehouse we offer affordable catering for any demographic. We are happy to work with you to cater to the needs of your guests and your budget!

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