Tips to Create The Best Wedding Menu

There are many elements in a wedding that can be used to represent a couple’s unique style and personalities. One of the best ways, however, to show off your taste as a couple is through your wedding menu.

Your guests are there to celebrate you and your love, but they are also there for good food and a good time. Failing to think through your wedding menu could result in some disappointed guests or a stressed out bride. Neither of which you want on your wedding day!

If you are planning a wedding, consider the following tips to ensure a wedding menu that will represent you as a couple and satisfy your guests.

Appeal to The Masses

You want your wedding menu to reflect your taste and preferences, but not be solely tailored to it. Keep your guests in mind at all times when planning your wedding menu. Think of your wedding meal as your gift to your guests for coming and supporting your love.

Consider how many guests you may have coming that are gluten-free, vegetarian, ect… you by no means need to cater your whole menu towards special food preferences, but may want to consider having some options for those it may apply to.

Additionally, consider how strongly you want your food preferences to be represented. If you or your soon-to-be-spouse are gluten-free or vegetarian, you can represent these preferences in many fun and unique ways. You may not want to tailor your whole menu towards these preferences, however, since most of your guests are probably not in the same boat.

Consider the timeline of the evening

When planning your menu, you will want to consider how it plays into the timeline for your whole evening. Your wedding night will feel like you are trying to fit a lot into a short period of time, so planning and scheduling will be very important.

The timeline for your evening will help you decide whether or not your have a cocktail hour with heavy hors d’oeuvres or quick snacks. It can also help you decide whether a buffet or plated meal will be appropriate.

Stay on theme

You spend months planning your menu, decor, and wardrobe to all flow together and go along with your wedding vision or theme. Your wedding menu is another key item that should go along with the theme of your wedding.

If you desire to have a formal ballroom wedding but are planning to have food truck catering, your guests may be a little confused. Maybe your favorite food is pizza but your having a black tie wedding. You can always find ways to be creative in showing your personal style and taste. In this situation, pizza may be a fun late night snack to offer those who are staying late on the dance floor.

Most caterers will be able to work with you to style your food and menu options to go with your venue and overall theme for the evening.

Seek Advice

When you find a trusted caterer, don’t be afraid to take advantage of their expertise. When it comes to creating menus, customization, and serving options, there isn’t a question they won’t be able to answer.

Rudy’s Smokehouse has years of experience helping couples create their perfect wedding catering menu. Couples who trust us to represent their styles and taste are never disappointed!


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