Shower The Bride or Mom to be With Quality Affordable Catering

Baby and bridal showers are some of the most fun and celebratory events many of us get to plan or attend. Celebrating these big milestones in a loved one’s life can be so special.

Unlike many celebrations that one would usually plan and host for themselves, a shower is usually thrown by a friend or family member on your behalf. 

If you have ever had the honor of planning a shower for a loved one, you know it can be both fun and a little high pressure. As a host, you always want your event to reflect the person you are throwing it for and exceed their expectations, which can be a tall order.

There is a lot that goes into hosting a shower, which makes it a great occasion to utilize an affordable caterer. As a caterer with years of experience, our team at Rudy’s Smokehouse has gathered our best tips for a successful and affordable shower!

Spread the food around

Unlike many other events where you offer a sit down meal and everyone eats together, showers usually include a more casual and social time of eating. People may have the opportunity to graze and socialize for awhile before games and gift opening. 

Because of this, spreading the food options out throughout your home or venue will make it easier for guests to access and enjoy while they mingle with others.

Offer small portions

In addition to spreading food out, offering smaller portions or bite sized options is great for a shower. People tend to like to try a little bit of everything, so bite size portions can be a great option for a shower environment. This also allows for your guests to receive a filling meal while casually snacking.

Include variety

You will want to cater your menu to the taste of whoever you are throwing the shower for. You can do this in any way you see fit from providing their favorite foods or treats to creating a meal around a specific theme.

Even though your focus is on the person you are throwing the shower for be sure to consider any dietary restrictions of guests invited. The more variety the more likely you are to keep everyone happy.

Don’t sacrifice quality and flavor for presentation

When it comes to showers, people have a tendency to execute a special theme through all the details of the event. Often times this means wanting their food to fit a specific theme. We encourage our clients to prioritize quality and flavor over a theme or special presentation. While we are happy to work within your theme or color scheme, we have seen great food ruined by dye and additives.

When it’s your turn to shower a loved one for their upcoming wedding day or baby, Rudy’s Smokehouse is your best option for affordable catering. Whether you invite us to your venue or bring your group to our semi-private dining room, we have years of experience catering for every type of event and would be happy to help you shower the special person in your life with love and good food!

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