How To Put Together The Perfect Catering Menu For Your Event

When planning an event, you want to make sure every detail is thought out and accounted for. Some details of your event will be more important than others and it will be necessary to prioritize accordingly as your to do list grows and grows.

Towards the top of this priority list, you should find booking a caterer and planning your event menu. If this isn’t at the top of your list and your planning an upcoming event, we advise you move it up as soon as possible.

Food is an essential part of an event. Good food, quality service, and a well thought out menu will play a huge role in whether or not your event is a success. 

Many caterers, like Rudy’s Smokehouse, offer a wide variety of food options. We allow our clients to select, mix and match, and customize from any of our menu options. Sometimes, when you are presented with so many wonderful options, however, it can feel overwhelming to ensure you pick the best options and combinations for your specific event. 

We have a few thoughts on how we help our clients be confident in putting together the perfect catering menu for their event.

Consider your theme

The theme and overall style of your event will set the stage for your catering menu. Whether your event calls for BBQ, appetizers, grilled burgers, or prime rib, your event theme will help you make that decision in order for your food to compliment it just right.

Stick to your budget

While it is fun to dream and fantasize about extravagant themes and menus, sometimes we know our clients need to work within the constraints of their budget. The good news is, Rudy’s Smokehouse catering offers flexibility and affordable catering that can work within most budgets!

Accommodate the needs of your guests

You will also need to consider the needs of your guests when planning your catering menu. Do you have guests that have special dietary restrictions? While you may not be able to accommodate every single dietary need represented, you can always do your best to provide a variety of options.

Ask the experts

At the end of the day, our experts in Catering near Dayton, Ohio are excellent resources to help you plan your catering menu for your next event. Keeping in mind your theme, budget, and dietary needs, we can help you select your menu items to perfectly compliment each other and take your event to the next level!

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