The Sweetest Part of Your Big Day!

As the bride and groom there will be many memorable moments on your wedding day. While you will find the day will fly by in a blur of happy tears, camera flashes, and wedding toasts, your guests will have much more time to appreciate all the details you meticulously planned out for months. 

One of the most important details for your guests will be the wedding food and more importantly the dessert! For such a special occasion, it is only appropriate you end on the sweetest note possible!

At Rudy’s Smokehouse we specialize in creating the most wonderful personalized wedding catering menu for your big day. This most certainly includes a delicious dessert option to match the rest of your menu!

The Classic

You really can’t go wrong with a classic wedding cake. Cutting your cake together will be one of the more memorable and photo worthy moments of your big day! Wedding cakes can range from three tiered masterpieces adorned in flowers and frosting to a modest single layer cake just for the two of you!

Whatever style cake you choose, our catering team will help cut and serve your cake to your guests to give them that sweet treat they have been looking forward to all night. 

Switch It Up

Not much of a cake person? Looking to switch it up from the classic? Rudy’s wedding catering menu has many fun dessert options that are different from a classic wedding cake. 

Many of the couples we work with love our selection of dessert options as they feel they get to pick something that reflects their personality or matches the theme of their wedding. We offer items such as brownie bites, cheesecake bites, cobblers, pies, cookies, mouse shots, or even a smores bar! 

Whether you opt for a classic wedding cake, one of our non traditional desserts, or a mix of both, Rudy’s Smokehouse wedding catering will help you and your guests finish your big day on the sweetest note!

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All Glory be to God!