How To Plan Your Dream Wedding Without Breaking The Bank

It may not seem like we are anywhere close to the wedding season but if your getting married this summer, you are in the thick of planning and preparing for your big day. 

From bridal party wardrobe and decorations to a caterer and florist, you are most likely busy searching Pinterest and booking vendors to help make your vision for your wedding day come to life. 

If your like most brides, however, you may be finding that your vision is a little bigger than your budget. Don’t let this discourage you, the good news is there are many ways for you to achieve your vision and have your dream wedding, you may just have to get a little creative in finding opportunities to cut costs as you go!

Saving money on your wedding date

There are without a doubt certain months out of the year that are more popular to get married than others. Most venue prices reflect this by raising their prices in the busy summer months. 

By knowing this, you have the opportunity to save some money by planning your wedding in the “off” season. Fall and winter weddings will, by far, be more cost efficient for you.

The day of the week can also affect the price of our wedding. Friday and Sunday weddings are becoming more and more popular as people realize it can be significantly cheaper to get married on these days instead of a Saturday. 

Saving money on your venue

These days anything goes when it comes to the style of your wedding. Backyard and barn weddings are becoming more and more popular. Casual venues like a park or outdoor space are usually a little more budget friendly than renting out a more formal location.

Saving money on decor

With the invention of Pinterest and YouTube, there isn’t anything that can’t be “DIY’ed”. Take time to find out what elements of your wedding you can do yourself or find a friend who can do it for you.  Flowers and decor are items that can easily be done on your own and while it may take a little more time, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Saving money on catering

Food is usually one of the biggest expenses on your wedding day, especially if you want to serve your guests a quality meal. You may find, however, quality and affordable catering for your wedding is easier to find now that all the old traditions don’t need to be followed. When it comes to food, anything goes!

Rudy’s Smokehouse has many different levels of catering to meet your wedding budget and style, traditional or not. 

Don’t let a small budget hold you back from achieving your big vision for your wedding day! With a little creativity and help from Rudy’s Catering you can make your dollars go a long way!

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