Short Engagements – Are They Right for Me?

For most engaged couples, there’s a lot that needs to happen between “will you marry me” and “I do”.  The amount of time you have to put everything in order depends on the length of your engagement. The “proper” engagement length is something that’s regularly debated in the wedding industry. 

Some people prefer to have as much time as possible so that they can be thorough and get every single detail the way they want it. Others want to get through it quickly so that they can be married and enjoy the rest of their life with the person they love. 

As caterers who have been a part of many weddings, we’ve heard a wide variety of opinions on the matterRather than pick a side, we thought we’d lay out the pros and cons to both options.  

Today, we’re going to focus on short engagements. Everyone’s definition of a “short” engagement is going to be a little different. For the sake of this post, we’re going to classify it as any engagement that’s 11 months or fewer. 

Advantages to Short Engagements 

With shorter engagement, you’ll go from being engaged to married in under a year, allowing you to return to normal life rather quickly. 

This means you get to enjoy being a spouse sooner, and it reduces your chances of post-wedding withdrawals. 

While it might sound like a short engagement would make wedding planning more stressful, it can actually make you more decisive. With no time to procrastinate, you might find yourself less prone to second guessing. You also won’t get caught up in smaller details that will probably have little impact on your wedding in the end. 

Disadvantages of Short Engagements 

The biggest issue with short engagements is probably finding a wedding venue in a narrow timeframe. Popular venues get booked out very far in advance. If you’re open to a less traditional day or time for your wedding, you might still be able to squeeze into a trendy venue. Also, if you’re getting married in your church or on a family member/friend’s property, it probably won’t be much of an issue. 

Ultimately, if you’re flexible with your venue, you should be fine. If you have your heart set on a particular, popular locale, this might be a deal breaker. 

Finally, depending on just how short your engagement is, some potential guests might have trouble fitting it into their schedules. 

Finding a Quality Caterer for Short Engagements 

For the most part, as long as your engagement is at least a month or two, you’ll still have your selection of caterers to choose from. At Rudy’s, we have a great wedding catering menu with options that range from more traditional selections to slow cooked BBQ.

Don’t worry, we’re well-experienced in last minute event planning. If you’re working within a short time frame, don’t hesitate. Contact us today and learn how Rudy’s can help make your wedding the most memorable day of your life. 

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