Helping Your Team Return to The Office

Life is very slowly getting back to “normal” here in Ohio. If you can remember what normal feels like. 

The school year is starting, although some of it will be done online. Restaurants are opening, although only small groups may sit together. And offices are opening…but Zoom is still the preferred meeting method.  

For employers, whether you have been working on the front lines day-in and day-out, or you’re just now getting back into your workplace, you can probably sense how your employees are feeling. Many are tired, worried, or fearful, while others are relieved to be out of the house or even excited to get back to the efficiencies of an office. 

Supporting your team in these times is going to be vital for the health and success of your business. 

As workplaces continue to open up across our state and across our country, here are a few fun ways you can support your team, make them feel appreciated, and allow them to build relationships after a season of separation and stress. 

Host a Virtual Hangout

One fun way to bring your team together while still being mindful of gathering restrictions and everyone’s comfort level is to host a virtual hangout. This can be done over Zoom or whichever video platform you prefer. 

As the host, be sure to come prepared with talking points, “get to know you” questions, or even games that can be played virtually. 

Giving your team an opportunity to connect and have fun online will be a great way to keep relationships strong and morale high!

Engage in Team Building Activities

Depending on the size of your team, team building activities can be done either virtually or in person given the proper safety precautions. 

We have all seen the effectiveness of team building activities amongst any group of people. Getting your team to work together towards a common goal or even bringing in some friendly competition will help remind them of their strengths, both individually and as a team, to move forward in this time. 

Provide Breakfast of Lunch

The easiest way to boost morale and support your team is to provide a meal for them. It may seem simple, but it is a great way for you to show your employees you care about them and are proud of the work they are doing.

You will want to be careful when providing food service at this time. Using professional corporate event catering will be your best way to ensure food is handled and served safely to your team. 

Rudy Smokehouse Catering already has a great option available for feeding your employees. Our boxed lunches are individually packaged meals filled with flavor. This option will ensure people can properly social distance and will be the most efficient way for you to serve your team with as little touch points as possible. 

Keep your team happy and healthy as life slowly returns to normal with Rudy’s Corporate event catering!

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