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How To Be Sure Your Catering Will Be Better Than Basic

When we think of BBQ, there are several things that come to mind, it’s probably similar to what runs through your mind, as well. Maybe it’s brisket, pulled pork, or grilled burgers and dogs. You may also think of a …
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Is Your Company Too Busy For A Holiday Party?

The Holiday season is in full swing and passing us by quickly. Like a lot of companies or businesses you and your employees may be finding yourself in the busiest season of the year.  While others are taking time off …
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It’s Brunch Time!

There’s no denying that the classic late morning early afternoon combination of breakfast and lunch is a popular trend right now. The traditional weekend brunch has been adopted by restaurants, cafes, and even catering companies alike. What’s not to love …
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What Makes a Caterer High End?

It is easy for any catering company to claim they are a high end caterer. There is no true regulation in companies making claims about how they would classify their food and service in their promotional material. When looking for …
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How To Put Together The Perfect Catering Menu For Your Event

When planning an event, you want to make sure every detail is thought out and accounted for. Some details of your event will be more important than others and it will be necessary to prioritize accordingly as your to do …
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3 Ways To Enjoy Catering Services On A Budget

Often times catering services are seen as an expensive luxury that only the fanciest parties with the biggest budgets can really afford to use. Many times event hosts or party planners won’t even consider looking for a caterer as they …
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What To Look For When Hiring A Corporate Event Caterer

If you are tasked with hiring a caterer for a corporate event for your company, you know it is a job that should not be taken lightly. Most people agree with us when we say an event is really only …
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Catering For Fall

Its that time of year again! The time that children dread and parents love as students return to school. The time that the air gets a little cooler and the coffee drinks get a little warmer. It’s the time where …
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How To Manage Feeding a Crowd

When considering feeding a large crowd for an event, it’s important to consider how you as the host will be able to take on the big task of being responsible for filling the bellies of all your guests. Read on …
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Upgrade Your Wedding Catering

When planning a wedding, you will work with many different vendors in order to execute all the different elements that will make your big day special. You will be in contact with florists, DJ’s, hair stylists, caterers, the list goes …
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True barbeque as practiced in the American South has 4
main ingredients- quality meats, low temperatures, wood
burning for flavor enhancement, and lots and lots of
patience, which is exactly what we do here at Rudy’s
All Glory be to God!