Corporate Events Catering

Different Types of Corporate Events that can be Catered

corporate events cateringBusinesses often have one person who is in charge of coordinating everything for a corporate event. This includes renting the event space (if that’s necessary), making sure rooms are set up correctly, coordinating any travel for out of town attendees, and, of course, working with the caterer.

This person will also need to connect with a corporate event catering company and needs to know what types of events will need catering and what type of catering is expected.


Breakfast meetings, especially a large breakfast briefing for the entire company, often need catering to meet the demand of the larger number of associates. Many see this is a small reward for employees or as an incentive for those who usually come in later in the day to get up early for the meeting. Nonetheless, this event is a very common one to be catered on the office’s dime.


If your company is hosting a major conference, chances are there will be a banquet at some point. This may be done in conjunction with the keynote speaker’s session, or it may be an awards or recognition banquet. Either way, it’s going to have to be catered.

This one is a bit more difficult because attendees often have the option of selecting what kind of meal they want. If you’re in charge of liaising with the caterer, you will probably want to select three to four different options in advance, and allow attendees to choose the option that they’d prefer ahead of time. This simply makes it easier on everyone.Hollenbeck124

Other meals at a conference may be catered, as well. If it’s a lunch, normally it’s generally a boxed meal containing sandwiches or even a simple buffet. You may need to offer options, but again, try to keep it as simple as possible with advanced choices, or a mix and match type of menu for attendees to select from.

Additionally, if you’re offering breakfast for your attendees, going with something simple like donuts and croissants is usually a hit. For hot breakfasts, you can offer a simple breakfast bar featuring eggs, a breakfast meat, and pancakes.


Businesses often host receptions and other events where there’s no formal meal, but snacks and light refreshments may be served. In this case, you don’t need a huge amount of food. On the lighter end, you can do cheese, fruit, and vegetable trays.

If you want to serve something a little more substantial, small sandwiches, bite-sized chicken, and other bite-sized hot appetizers are all good options. It’s generally a good idea to stick to finger foods since people will most likely be walking around with their plates.


Companies also often cater celebrations, especially when a major milestone has been accomplished. The catering for this type of event may include finger foods like you’d have at a reception, but it might also include sweets. Cookies, cake, brownies, even ice cream may be served at this type of event.

Corporate event catering not only makes your company look good, since it shows you’re committed to treating your guests and employees to the very best food, but it also makes your company a better work environment for your employees.

While it’s also easier than trying to coordinate going out to a restaurant, especially if the number of people you have going out is rather large, corporate event catering will give your company a leg up above the competition for employee satisfaction and retention.

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